August 27, 2014

10 Tips for Looking Chic On a Budget

We all want to look fashionable and put-together, but most of us don't have the money to spend hundreds of dollars on a single clothing piece! To look chic on a budget, it's important to know how to make the most "cheap" pieces and where in your wardrobe you really need to spend your money. Here are some tips for making a budget-friendly wardrobe feel and look more "expensive".

photo credit: relux. via photopin cc

1. Buy nice-looking, heavyweight buttons to replace the cheap plastic buttons on your coats and blazers for a more expensive look.

2. When buying inexpensive heels, go for faux suede over faux leather. Faux leather usually isn't done well and looks "fake", but it's hard to tell the difference with suede. 

3. Some fabrics that look expensive but can still be relatively budget-friendly are tweed, cotton and linen. 

4. Are your favorite clothes pilling? This can be fixed by lightly going over the fabric with a razor- they'll look good as new!

5. Buy it in black (or navy, dark purple, etc.). Darker colors are often better for masking the fact that you're wearing a bargain item.

6. If you purchase a cheap dress, coat, shorts, etc. that includes a belt or sash, replace it with your own belt for a more upscale look.

7. Invest in a nude slip- you'll be able to buy unlined dresses and skirts, which usually cost less, and still be able to avoid wardrobe malfunctions. 

8. Buy a steamer- I actually purchased one by Conair from Target for around 30 bucks, and it was a huge game changer. They're easier to use and setup than an iron and remove wrinkles quickly without adding harsh pleating (and you won't miss spots).

9. Embellishments on inexpensive bags are almost never done well and consequently look "cheap", so choose a simple bag without a bunch of hardware. 

10. Don't follow trends, and only invest in key pieces (such as a great everyday bag, collared shirts, an LBD, etc.).