August 31, 2014

What Guys Notice First (And What to Do About It!)

photo credit: Crysco Photography via photopin cc

It isn't always easy to tell what a guy's thinking, but we can tell what they notice first! Men are visual creatures and are quick to notice little things about you that you might not even know they're paying attention to! There are a few things a guy notices instantly when he meets a woman- and the biggest shocker?- a nice rack isn't one of them. Checkout this list to learn how to maximize your best assets to draw them in.

1. Your smile

What they really notice about your smile is how genuine it is. The majority of men are able to distinguish between a fake and a genuine smile- a genuine smile tends to make your eyes crinkle a little bit, and will show that you're relaxed and fun.

2. Your voice

Studies show that men are drawn to slightly higher-pitched voices, most likely due to the principle of evolution that it's a reliable sign of youth and reproductive health.

3. Your hair 

More specifically, how thick your hair is. Since caveman days, men have been drawn to women with thick locks, which signals that a woman is healthy.

4. The number of people you're with 

A big group of friends will make it hard for him to approach you, and with just one friend he'll know that you probably don't want to abandon her to talk to him. The perfect size of your crew is 3- that way, your two friends can keep each other company when he pulls you away.

5. Your waist-to-hip ratio

Another evolutionary rule- it's human instinct for men to look for fertile women. A waist that is noticeable smaller than your hips signifies fertility, and that's a big plus. Try emphasizing your waistline with a wide belt or a flattering peplum silhouette.

6. Your glow

A radiant complexion is associated with good mental health, because stress and anxiety are huge causes of dull skin and acne. The good thing is, you can totally fake this with some tone correctors and a highlighting product. 

7. Your eyes

Bet you're not surprised about this one! People focus on the eyes more than they do on any other body part. I have some great tips for making your eyes pop in my How to Buy Makeup at the Drugstore post. 

8. What's fake

Not necessarily personality-fake, but physical features such as fake lashes, hair extensions, fake nails, etc. To guys, these things signal that you're high-maintenance- a big turn-off to most of them!