June 17, 2015

Top 8 Weight-Loss Tips for Lazy Girls

It's gotten crazy hot over the past few weeks here in Texas, and I've been breaking out the short-shorts and tanks just about every day. This wouldn't be as much of a problem if I'd been a little better about working out and eating right during the winter and spring months, but as a lazy girl I'd much rather be watching Netflix with brownies and popcorn. I put on about 10 pounds since the last time I weighed myself and I'm really starting to see it. So, to embrace flip-flop weather I'd like to lost a little flab and maybe even tone up (if it doesn't take too much work, of course!). Here are my top 10 tips for easy weight-loss based on past experience that I'll be using to tighten up fast this summer!

1) A 5-Minute Pre-Shower Workout
One of the worst parts of working out is that they leave you feeling sweaty and gross. To combat this, my favorite time to workout is right before a shower, weather it's morning or night. You'll want to do some high-intensity moves to get your heart rate up and build muscle in the shortest amount of time possible. Try a mix of jumping jacks, push ups, squats, lunges, crunches and planks to ensure you hit your arms, legs and abs every day.

2) Green Tea
Work a few cups of green tea into your diet every day. It helps you fight cravings and adds a healthy boost of antioxidants, which are great for your skin! There have also been studies that show that the ingredients in green tea helps your body burn fat faster, which is why I'd recommend it over an herbal or black tea- though those are great too! Any time you can drink tea rather than grab a snack, you'll be cutting calories, and that's super important when it comes to losing weight fast.

3) The Water Schedule
You've heard that you should be drinking at least 8 cups of water a day, I'm sure, but you'll probably need even more than that to combat summer sweat and help your weight-loss efforts. Drink 2 cups when you wake up, 1 cup 30 minutes before each meal, 1 cup with each snack, and 1 before bed. Add in a couple cups if you start sweating during the day. Spreading your water intake throughout the day will help you feel hydrated and keep your metabolism revving. Water helps with pretty much everything and is an essential part of weight loss and everyday health.

4) Eat a 300-Calorie Breakfast Everyday
Eating breakfast is important for jumpstarting your metabolism, and you'll want to hit around 300 calories to keep you feeling full for a good amount of time. Eat a mix of protein and fiber, and some healthy fat if you like. Some of my favorite healthy breakfast options are oatmeal, yogurt, avocado toast (wheat toast, mashed avocado and lemon/salt), eggs or protein shakes. If you drink coffee, that's great for weight loss as long as you don't load up on cream and sugar. Drink it black or with 1 serving of creamer and a pack of all-natural zero-calorie sweetener (like Truvia)!

5) Low-Calorie Snacks
If you're anything like me, you graze constantly throughout summer. It's hard to stick to just 3 meals a day especially when you're lacking energy! Healthy snacks should include protein, fiber and healthy fats, just like your breakfast but lower-calorie. Try almonds, low-fat string or cottage cheese, a piece of fruit, single-serving bags of pretzels (for carb-lovers!), or something like a fiber-one brownie if you want to treat yourself!

6) Close the Kitchen After Dinner
Post-dinner snacks are usually high calorie and unnecessary. Your dinner should be able to fill you up up until you go to sleep, so don't go back to the kitchen unless you're absolutely positive you're hungry and not just ravenous.

7) Work in Easy Exercise
Take the stairs over the elevator, park far away from the store entrance when you're out shopping,get moving during TV commercials (or between Netflix episodes) and pace around while you're on the phone. These are all easy ways to get in small bursts of exercise throughout the day- perfect for lazy girls like us who don't want to hit the gym all the time!

8) Cook Your Own Meals
Going out to restaurants is fun, sure, but most places put a ton of unnecessary ingredients into options that seem healthy. Making your food yourself allows you to see exactly what's in it so you can cut calories and know what you're putting into your body. You can make salads without the copious amounts of cheese and dressing, make iced tea without the sugary syrups, make sandwiches full of vegetables and low-fat cheeses and meats, and much more. You'll also save money and you won't have to drive all the way to the restaurants to get your food!

I hope these tips help you cut calories and tone up- I know it's a goal many of us have especially during the summer. However, you should always feel comfortable in your body. Treat it well and don't be so hard on yourself!
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